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Farmers motivated to adopt Crop Residue Management Technologies at Khanna on 23-07-2018

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Samrala collaborated with hands with Bayer India to organize Farmers Awareness Camp on 23.7.2018 at Khanna. More than 650 farmers and rural youth participated in the camp. During the camp, farmers were motivated to adopt PAU recommended technologies. Main focus was to use chemicals in Paddy & Basmati as per recommendations and crop residue management for healthy environment. Dr. S C Sharma, Associate Director, KVK Samrala was chief guest of the camp. Dr. Sharma addressed the big gathering of farmers, rural youth, officials present in the camp. He highlighted the activities of KVK and urged the members to create maximum awareness about crop residue management. He appealed the farmers and youth to adopt recommended technologies to manage paddy straw. He also urged the participants to increase the linkages with KVK scientists and experts from other departments to get maximum benefits of different govt. schemes. Bayer team highlighted the activities & recommended products of company. Bayer team stressed to produce quality basmati and requested the farmers to adopt recommendations of PAU. Dr. Rikhi Ram, Professor, Entomologist from HAU delivered a lecture on integrated pest management and urged the farmers to use the recommended insecticides. He advised the farmers for judicious use of chemicals and recommended doses. Dr. Ashok Kumar, Plant pathologist discussed about the various deceases of paddy and basmati and advised the farmers to use pesticides as per PAU recommendations. Er. Karun Sharma, Agri. Engg. delivered a lecture on crop residue management & detailed about different machinery for crop residue management. Dr. Harshneet Singh, Ext. Spt. (Soil Scientist) detailed the soil sampling techniques and asked the farmers to use water, fertilizer & chemicals judiciously. In the end, Dr. S.C. Sharma encouraged the farmers to participate actively in such events to get maximum benefits.


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