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Paddy Straw Management an attempt by KVK, Samrala to create awareness among farmers

KVK Scientists create awareness among the farmers to stop paddy burning and do its management using paddy straw chopper shredder. The farming community made aware about the benefits of paddy straw chopper shredder in term of soil health improvement as well as human health beside managing the paddy straw. On 23 Oct. 2015, PAU experts Dr. G. S. Buttar, Additional Director Extension Education and Dr. D. S Bhatti, Associate Director Extension Education along with KVK team visited and interacted with farming community at Village Samrala where paddy straw chopper was in operation with the help of KVK, Samrala. During the visit, farmers opinioned that its really a good machine likewise earlier in village Diwala farmers managed the paddy straw with chopper and did potato cultivation. These farmers motivated and joined the hands of KVK team for publicity of paddy straw management through this machine. On the same day, a group of farmers (Sh. Jashmer Singh, Co-operative Pardhan and Chairman Samiti; Sh. Gurdev Singh from Verka Ludhiana; Sh. Hardeep Singh, Member Block Samiti; Sh. Baljit Singh, Sarpanch Village satabgarh) were invited to discuss about paddy straw management and shown a video of farmers who adopted this technology. The chairman and others were very impressed and ensured a wider publicity among farmers community. The chairman of Co-operative societies opinioned that this paddy straw chopper should have each Co-operative societies. After the discussion, Dr. S.C Sharma, Associate Director, Dr. Devinder Tiwari, Assistant Professor (Extension Education) and Er. Rajneesh Kumar, Assistant Professor (Agricultural Engineering) KVK Samrala took the team to field visit to highlight water saving techniques, nutrient management techniques, crops and crop varieties and achievement of seed shop for providing seed to farmers in sufficient quantities.


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