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KVK, Samrala organized a Scientist-Farmer Interaction on Crop Residue Management on 05-07-2018

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Samrala under the guidance of Dr. S C Sharma organized an interactive meet of scientist and farmers for discussing the paddy straw management technologies on 5 July 2018. Dr. Sidhu, social activist, Raikot and progressive farmers from different villages participated and interacted with KVK scientists for discussing the efficient methods and technologies for crop residue management. Dr. Devinder Tiwari, Ext. Spt. (Ext. Edu.) highlighted the activities of KVK and urged the farmers to create awareness regarding no residue burning. He advised participants to adopt recommended technologies to manage paddy straw. Er. Karun Sharma Ext. Spl. (Agri. Engg.) delivered a lecture on paddy straw management. He discussed various methods and techniques for managing the paddy straw. He discussed in detail the working of different machines like Happy Seeder, Mulcher, Baler, Seed drill etc. for efficient management of paddy straw. Dr. Shivani Rana, Ext. Spt. (Home Science) urged the farmer to involve farmwomen in processing of FPO products for the value addition. Dr. Harshneet Singh, Ext. Spt. (Soil Scientist) advised the farmers to use water, fertilizer and chemicals judiciously. At the end, Er. Karun Sharma thanked and encouraged the participants to create awareness among the society and motivated for natural resource conservation.


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