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KVK, SAMRALA created awareness against Crop Residue Burning on 18-04-2018

The farmers, farm women and rural youth of village Bhagwanpura were made aware about ill effects of residue burning, available machinery and recommended techniques for residue management under the guidance of Dr. S C Sharma, ADT, KVK, Samrala during the awareness campaign against burning of crop residue. During this event, KVK scientists visited Bhagwanpura where paddy-wheat crop rotation is followed by the farmers and to make the residents and farmers of village aware about ill effects of wheat straw burning, awareness camp was organized in the government middle school, Bhagwanpura on 17.4.2018. KVK team spread this message through students to parents, relatives & friends and wherever they see that people burning garbage, dried leaves etc. During this programme, school headmistress Mrs. Ranbir Kaur, teachers and students of school actively participated in essay writing competition on "No Residue Burning and Save Environment". After conducting essay writing competition a rally with slogan "No to straw Burning and Save Environment for Future" spread the message in village. Progressive farmer & Panch, Mr. Nater Singh along with other farmers of village Bhagwanpura also participated. Er. Karun Sharma Et. Spl. (Agri. Engg.) delieverd a lecture on wheat straw management. He discussed various methods and techniques for managing straw. Dr. Shivani Rana Ext. Spl. (Home Science encouraged the children to use water judiciously at household level. Dr. Harshneet Singh, Ext. Spl. (Soil Science) discussed the importance of soil & water testing to protect the environment. During this programme certificates were distributed among the students. In the end Dr. S C Sharma encouraged students to participate actively in such events to create awareness among the society and be motivated for natural resource conservation.


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