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KVK Samrala organized Farmers Training Camp "Safe and Judicious Use of Pesticides" on 28-03-2018

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Samrala organized Farmers training camp "Safe & Judicious use Of Pesticides" on 28-03-2018 at KVK Samrala under the guidance of Dr. S.C. Sharma, ADT, KVK Samrala on 28-03-2018 supported by Hindustan Insecticides Limited. Dr. G.S. Buttar, Additional Director (Ext. Edu.), PAU, Ludhiana grace the occasion as chief guest. Dr. Sai Dass, Consultant, HIL, Sh. Amit Bamby, SDM Samrala, Dr. Baldev Singh, Chief Agricultural Officer, Ludhiana and other digniatiries also graced occasion . Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Ext. Specialist (Animal Science), Dr. Sanjeev Ahuja, Ext. Specialist (Vegetable Science), Dr. Reet Verma, Ext. Specialist (Plant Protection ), Dr. H.S. Sidhu, Facilitator, NBABARD, Dr. Arvindpreet Kaur, Ext. Specialist (Fruit Science), Dr. Mahesh Narang, Ext. Specialist (Agri Engg.), Dr. Ashok Sharma, SVO, Samrala, Sh. Niranjan Dass, Area Manager HIL, participated in the camp. Dr. S.C. Sharma welcomed the farmers and urged the farmers to increase the linkage with KVK. Farmers were made aware about the Safe & judicious use of pesticides, judicious use of water, crop residue management, soil testing, use of pesticides as per recommendation, subsidiary occupation, kitchen gardening etc. Dr. Sai Dass urged farmers to use less pesticides to save water and cautionec about soil contamination. Dr. Rakesh Sharma apprised farmers for safe fodder production. Dr. Reet Verma apprised about spray technologies and safe use of pesticides. Dr. G.S. Butter urged farmers to use the pesticides as per the recommendation of PAU, Ludhiana. During the camp vegetable kits, seed of improved variety, literature were made available to the farmers. Farmers showed much enthuasim by visiting the technology park by visiting various demonstrations on varieties of crops and vegetables etc. and interacted with the scientists/experts. The farmers was demonstrated crop residue management in KVK technology park Nearly 500 farmers participated in the camp.


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