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Scientific Advisory Committee meeting of KVK Samrala held on 14.12.2017

Scientific Advisory Committee meeting of KVK Samrala was held on 14.12.2017 under the guidance of Dr. S. C. Sharma Associate Director, KVK Samrala. Dr. Ashok Kumar Director, Extension education, PAU, Ludhiana chaired the meeting along with Dr. D. S. Bhatti (ADEE) and Dr. PPS Pannu (ADR). During this meeting, representatives of different departments (agriculture ,horticulture, , soil and water conservation, fisheries, forest department, education department, NABARD, Lead Bank, Malwa Collage, Bondli & members of SHG)participated and gave their valuable suggestions. Dr. S. C. Sharma Associate Director welcomed & presented Action Taken Report & elaborated the activities of KVK, training programmes and progress report of KVK Samrala for the year 2017. The experts from PAU & other departments visited technology park demonstrating various crop varieties and improved production technologies and seed producing different crops along with the exhibition of SHGs and other entrepreneurs arranged by ex KVK trainings. Progressive farmers and farm women from different villages participated & gave suggestions. Dr. Ashok Kumar DEE, PAU, Ludhiana gave suggestions for further improvement and congratulated Self Help Groups for their achievements. Dr. D.S. Bhatti & Dr. P.P.S. Pannu also gave valuable suggestions for preparing action plan for coming year .Dr. Jaspal Singh, Principal Malwa Collage , Bondli appreciated the KVK efforts for skill development among collage rural students and establishing kitchen and nutrition garden for running free lunch Langar at their collage for more than 800 students every day. He suggested to promote this idea amoung small land holders in rural & urban area. Dr. S. C. Sharma Associate Director proposed vote of thanks.


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