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World Breastfeeding week celebrated at KVK Samrala

KVK Samrala celebrated World Breastfeeding Week with crowd of farm and young women to educate them about the importance of breastfeeding and its benefits to child & mother. During the event Dr. S.C. Sharma, Associate Director (Trg.), KVK Samrala made the gathering aware about the benefits of breast feeding to child as well as mother and also highlighted the importance of nutritious food like sprouts & green leafy vegetables as nutritious food to combat anemia deficiency especially in young girls, pregnant & lactating mothers. Dr. Arvind Kumar, Director, Nutrition created awareness regarding importance of breast feeding and weaning foods. Dr. Tarabjot Singh, Child Specialist, civil hospital, Samrala enlightened the women regarding personal hygiene while breast feeding and benefits of breast feeding. He also encouraged the young women who breast feed exclusively for the six months without any formula feeding. Dr. Shivani Rana, Assistant Professor (Home Science), KVK Samrala explained that breast milk is Perfect Food and demonstrated different recipes to combat Anemia. During this celebration sarpanch Jaspl Singh, Rai Bhaine and Panch AmarjitKaur of Kotala, Mrs. Manjeet Kaur (Sehjo majra), Kamaljeet Kaur (Samrala) & other young women were also present.


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