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KVK, Samrala sensitized students of Government Senior Secondary Smart School, Rupalon regarding crop residue management on 15-10-2019

Under the guidance of Dr. S.C. Sharma, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Samrala is organizing various extension activities for creating awareness among the students and farming community to curb the practice of crop residue burning. In this context, Krishi Vigyan Kendra organized a mobilization programme for students of Government Senior Secondary Smart School, Rupalon, on 15-10-2019. Around 650 students including teachers and staff participated in this programme. Dr. Shivani Rana (A.P. Home Sc.) welcomed all the participants and highlighted the harmful effects of burning of crop residue. She also motivated the students for effective utilization of natural resources and efficient management of crop residue for sustainable agriculture and safeguarding the environment. Mobilization of school/ colleges students through different activities to made aware about pollution due to residue burning, its bad effects & PAU recommended CRM technologies for wider awareness among farming community and with appeal, No Residue Burn. Sh. Amrik Singh, Principal (Government Senior Secondary Smart School, Rupalon) encouraged the students to learn latest technologies, manage crop residue into soil, use fertilizers and insecticides judiciously for profit from farming. Dr. Devinder Tiwari , Assistant Professor (Ext. Edu).) shared various technological options for in-situ crop residue management in detail and also informed the participants about the benefits of adopting crop residue management techniques. Dr. Avneet Kaur, Assistant Professor (Horticulture) briefed the participants about the importance of incorporation of crop residue in the soil to improve soil health and fertility. She also emphasized on the importance of Kitchen gardening and use of straw in mushroom cultivation. Dr. Amarjeet Kaur (Demonstrator, Home Sc.) informed about ill effects of residue burning on human health. She also advised the students to keep the surroundings clean and avoid use of single use plastic. The winners of slogan and poster competition were awarded with the prizes. KVK also provided fruit plants to the school. A rally was also organised in the village to awre the farmers about crop residue management. Dr. Shivani Rana thanked the principal, staff and students of the school for their enthusiasm and cooperation.


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