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NABARD Foundation Day at KVK Samrala: Engaging Rural Youth - Water Conservation & Doubling Farmer Income

NABARD Foundation Day was celebrated on 12-07-2019 at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Samrala Distt Ludhiana. KVK Samrala organized Jal Shakti Abhiyan on this auspicious day under the guidance of Dr. S.C. Sharma, Associate Director (Trg.). Sh. Parveen Bhatia, AGM, NABARD, Ludhiana along with Sh. Dalbir Singh, Manager Co-operative Bank Ludhiana welcomed the farmers in the event. The day was attended by about 80 progressive farmers & motivated rural youth, who were committed to save water, increase tree cover for clean environment & create awareness among fellow farmers about recommended agricultural technologies. The farmers were requested to get trained & adopt themselves in best practices to increase farm income.

Dr. S.C. Sharma welcomed the farmers, NABARD official and briefed about the KVK activities. He further apprised the farmers about the trainings, demonstrations highlighting water saving technologies, crop diversification, energy conservation, integrated farming system and crop residue management techniques also urged farmers to form Farmer Producer Organizations to enhance farm income also stressed upon the need to conserve water by adopting various water management techniques.

Sh. Parveen Bhatia, AGM, NABARD, Ludhiana informed farmers that 12th July 2019 is 38th Foundation day of NABARD, which was dedicated to service of nation on 12 July 1982. He appealed farmers to establish close linkages with NABARD, other banks, KVK to learn agricultural techniques, all departments with schemes for the benefit of farmers & take maximum benefit also form FPO's for better marketing and increasing farm income. Dr. Devinder Tiwari, Ext. Specialist guided the farmers to work in collaboration by forming FPOs. Dr. Shivani Rana, Home Sci. specialist urged farmers to adopt the subsidiary occupation to enhance the income. Mrs. Avneet Kaur, Horticulture specialist talked about the mushroom cultivation and various techniques of vegetable cultivation. Er. Karun Sharma made farmers aware about the various crop residue and water management techniques. An interactive session between KVK scientists, bankers and farmers was held to address different queries of farmers. Farm literature, Anar & Suhanjana plants were distributed to all farmers after demonstrating method of planting. Function was concluded with vote of thanks & appeal to farmers to "Save Water for Better Tomorrow".


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