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KVK Samrala celebrated World Soil Day at village Bhagwanpura on 5-12-2018

Under the able guidance of Dr. S.C. Sharma, Associate Director (Trg), Krishi Vigyan Kendra Samrala celebrated World Soil Day at village Bhagwanpura on 5 December, 2018. About 80 farmers and farm women participated in the event. Mrs. Manjit Kaur, Member, Board of Management, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana was Chief Guest on the occasion. Dr. Shivani Rana (A.P. Home Sc.) welcomed Chief Guest and other dignitaries and highlighted the KVK activities and importance of soil testing. Mrs. Manjit Kaur appealed the farmers to apply fertilizer on the basis of soil testing as today KVK distributed GPS based soil health cards, adopt crop diversification and move towards cooperative mode for farm machinery. This will result in increase in farmers income. She also stressed for strong linkage with KVK and other departments, so that after training framers can start subsidiary occupation for additional income. Mr. Sandeep Singh, Agricultural Development Officer, Seh, Mr. Parveen and Bhatia, AGM, NABARD also participated in the programme. Mr. Sandeep Singh, ADO. talked about the importance of soil testing for judicious use of fertilizers as continuous use of chemical fertilizers affects soil health. He also stressed upon use of biofertilizers and green manures which improve soil health. Mr. Parveen Bhatia, AGM, NABARD highlighted the various schemes of NABARD for farmers. Dr. Devinder Tiwari, A.P. Extension Education, shared agronomic practices of different Rabi crops and motivated the farmers and farm women to form self-help groups and FPOs. He also talked about management of Gulli Danda. Er. Karun Sharma, elaborated about the Paddy Straw Management techniques and care and maintenance of farm machinery. Mrs Avneet Kaur, A.P. Horticulture stressed upon the need of adopting subsidiary occupation such as Mushroom cultivation for increasing agriculture income. Dr. Harshneet Singh, Assistant Professor (Soil Science), demonstrated the soil sampling technique, how to read soil reports and emphasized the farmers to test their soils for balanced use of fertilizers. He told that use of biofertlizers, green manures and farmyard manure improves soil health and decrease dependence on chemical fertilizers. Farmers were given soil health cards and the farmers who successfully managed paddy straw without burning was awarded with appreciation certificates. Progressive farmer and Self help group were awarded on this occasion. Dr. Shivani Rana proposed vote of thanks.


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