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KVK, Samrala aelebrated 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 02-10-2018

Government of India is commemorating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi for a period of two years from 2nd October 2018 to 2nd October 2020 both at National and International level. In this context, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Samrala under the aegis of PAU Ludhiana organized an event to celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi at its premises on 2-10-2018. About 85 farmers and farmwomen participated in this event.Dr. S.C.Sharma (Associate Director, KVK, Samrala) welcomed all the participants and emphasized on the need of cleanliness as a true homage to Gandhiji and motivated to follow the principles of simple living and high thinking. He also gave a call to the farmers for effective utilization of natural resources and efficient management of crop residue for sustainable agriculture and safeguarding the environment. He also highlighted harmful effects of burning of crop residue and informed that KVK is organizing demonstrations for the effective management of paddy residues at farmers field. He told that this year, four villages of district Ludhiana (Diwala, Powat, Gosalan and Ghulal) have been adopted under crop residue management technology project to make these villages, Burn Free villages. Five days trainings were imparted , farmers scientists interface organized, mobilization of school/ colleges students through different activities made aware about pollution due to residue burning, its bad effects & PAU recommended CRM technologies for wider awreness among farming community and with appeal, No Residue Burn.

Dr.Vipan Rampal(Associate Director, KVK, Fatehgarh Sahib) also graced the occassion. He informed the participants about various ongoing programmes conducted by university for management of crop residue and also appreciated the efforts of KVK team for its contribution to the farming community.

Dr. Devinder Tiwari Assistant Professor (Extension Education) emphasized on the need of formation of self help groups and Farmers Producers Organizations and briefed the participants about availability of machinery for crop residue management.

Er. Karun Sharma, Assistant Professor (Agri. Engineering), KVK shared various technological options for in-situ crop residue management in detail and also informed the participants about the benefits of adopting crop residue management techniques. He gave detailed information about the problems faced and their solutions, while working with crop residue management machinery in their fields. He demonstrated the working principles of Happy Seeder and paddy chopper cum shredder for the benefit of the farmers.

Dr. Harshneet Singh, Assistant Professor (Soil Science) briefed the participants about the benefits of incorporating crop residue in soil and its effect on soil enrichment.

On this occasion, a book on Organic farming written by Mr. Jasbir Singh Ghulal a renowned author cum progressive farmer was inaugurated by Dr. S.C. Sharma. Mr. Ghulal motivated the participants to avail the services being offered by the KVK for their agricultural knowledge upgradation. Dr. Harjinder Singh spoke about the importance of cleanliness in our lives. S. Malook Singh recited a poem related to KVK and cleanliness. An open house for discussion was also conducted at this occasion.

Programme ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Amarjeet Kaur and an appeal to create mass awareness for Cleanliness and No to Crop Residue Burn.


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