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Team of Farm Experts View Progress of Honey Processing Industry 08-Aug-2015

A team comprising Dr V. N. Sharda, Member, Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board, New Delhi; Dr R. S. Riar, Zonal Project Director, Zone-I, ICAR; Dr Keshav, Senior Scientist, Zonal Project Directorate, Zone-I; and scientists of Punjab Agricultural Universitys Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Samrala visited the Big Bee Agro, a honey processing unit, run by an entrepreneur Sh. Gobinder Singh in Doraha region of district Ludhiana. The purpose of the visit was to see the progress of honey processing industry and benefits being reaped by the farmers, trained by KVK Samrala, from bee-keeping.

Dr Sharda suggested the entrepreneur to set-up laboratories to lable the honey bottles according to plants source of honey. He appreciated the role of KVK in developing entrepreneurship among the beekeeping trainees.

Dr Riar called for rewarding the beekeepers at the zonal and national level in order to encourage more number of people towards beekeeping enterprise.

Mr Singh informed the team, After receiving training in bee keeping from PAU, I started my enterprise in the year 2003 with just 100 colonies. Afterwards, I started processing, packaging and marketing of honey under the name of Big Bee Agro. Presently, I am exporting honey products to foreign countries. His small bee-keeping venture has turned into big firm having turnover of Rs 2 crore per year, he highlighted.

Dr Devinder Tiwari, a KVK scientist, informed the team that Mr Singh was extending his services as a trainer to trainees of bee keeping. He further said, KVK, Samrala has registered more than 150 commercial beekeepers, who are supplying raw honey and other bee products to Big Bee Agro for export.


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